We are glad to invite Mr. Junlun Li to host a group discussion about the current frontier in the energy sector. Mr. Li is a current PhD student at MIT in the Department of Geophysics and is specialized in oil drilling technologies. He will go through a brief overview about the current development in the energy industry and share his thoughts about the energy business in the near future. We can then have a discussion with him about all kinds of interesting energy-related questions.

Date: 2013-08-04
Time: 2pm
Place: Room 3038, Building 13, MIT

Great Boston Fudan Alumni Association
website: www.gbfaa.net



We are glad to invite Mr. Ming-Tsiang Lee to come over on July 14th, 2013 for a group discussion about China's Health Care Policies with our members. Mr. Lee studied at Fudan University, and graduated from Department of Economics at Peking University. Currently he is a PhD student at Harvard School of Public Health. His thesis advisor is Dr. William Hsiao.

We will gather at MIT 13-3038 on Sunday, July 14th at 2pm. Mr. Lee will give a brief overview about China's health care policies and reforms. Then he will join the group discussion with our members on these issues. Members and friends of the Cambridge Academy are all encouraged to attend. Thanks!


Great Boston Fudan Alumni Association

website: www.gbfaa.net













中西民族风韵音乐会: 领取免费内部票

为了感谢复旦校友会在上一次活动中的鼎力相助,亚文中心有意赠送一部分内部观众票(价值$15)给复旦校友会的朋友们。请在本周四早上8点之前在我们的官网登记您的姓名和邮箱,领取免费内部票。领票地址http://www.gbfaa.net/index.php/ticketbooking  欢迎所有关心支持波士顿复旦校友会的朋友积极领票,也欢迎您邀请亲朋共同参加。



Great Boston Fudan Alumni Association

website: www.gbfaa.net





时间:2013年6月15日 7:30pm

地点:Cary Memorial Hall

1605 Massachusetts Ave.

Lexington, MA 02420

联系电话:大波士顿亚裔青少年交响乐团(940595-9077 |亚洲文化中心 617-225-2888






月十五日,在位于莱克星顿的Cary Hall,乐团将为观众奉献一场中西民族风情交响音乐会,其中有德沃夏克「第八号交响乐」,「二泉映月」,「茉莉花」,「走西口」等。乐团也将演奏中国著名作曲家吕其明的「红旗颂」。

次音乐会,乐团有幸邀请青年大提琴手魏莹峻与乐团合作,演奏萨拉萨第的「流浪者之歌」。这是一首表现吉普赛人生活的悲歌,乐曲充分表现了吉普赛人坚韧顽强,放荡不羁,粗旷豪放的性格特征。乐曲由慢到快,象征着吉普赛人永不衰竭的生命力。魏莹峻14岁受英国皇家音乐学院邀请赴伦敦求学,师从著名大提琴家 Colin Carr,后来美师从传奇大提琴大师Bernard Greenhouse并获得硕士与高级演奏家学位。魏莹峻先后在欧美著名音乐厅演奏并与诸多乐团合作,包括美国Jordan Hall,英国伊丽莎白女王演奏厅,Wigmore Hall与在白金汉宫为查尔斯王子演奏。此次与亚裔青少年交响乐团合作是一次难得的机会,希望热爱古典音乐的朋友切莫错过。


The Greater Boston Asian American Youth Symphony Orchestra will be performing their summer concert on June 15th, 2013, 7:30PM, Saturday at Cary Memorial Hall, located at 1605 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420.  This energetic youth orchestra composed of Junior String Orchestra and Senior Symphonic Orchestra.  The upcoming summer concert program featuring Antonio Dvorak Symphony No.8, 2nd and 4th movement, Chinese Symphony Ode to the Red Flag, Chinese folk tunes: Jasmine, Dance of the Yao People. 


June 15, 2013 summer concert, cellist Ying Jun Wei, leads the Senior Symphonic Orchestra performing the Zigeunerweisen by Pablo de Sarasate. Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs), Op. 20, is a musical composition by the Spanish composer and virtuoso Pablo de Sarasate.  Sought after concert soloist, Ying Jun has appeared on BBC Radio and many other magazines, newspapers. She has performed worldwide as a soloist, in such venues as the Buckingham Palace, Wigmore Hall, Jordan Hall, Tanglewood music festival, Purcell Room, St.Martin-in-the-Fields, St John's Smith Square, also abroad in Switzerland, Japan, Mexico and China.


Ying Jun Wei, born in China.  At 12, she commenced studying at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music and began to appear in concerts as a soloist. At 14 she won first prize in The China Cello Competition. Soon after Ying Jun was invited by the principal of Royal Academy of Music to study in London, England.   She attended the Purcell School of Music as a full scholarship student and began performing in major concert halls.  She received full scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music with President’s Award, where she studied with world renowned Prof. Colin Carr, during which time she was privileged to perform with Yo-Yo Ma and to be invited to play for Prince Charles at the Buckingham Palace.


The Greater Boston Asian American Youth Symphony Orchestra is a local music group, which promotes cultural diversity and community service through outreach music performance.  In addition to two concert hall performances a year, members actively participate many music performances for the benefits of local communities.  The latest events include Music For Food for Lexington Food Pantry and Bread of Live at Malden.  Their spirits for music performance and community engagement have been highly recognized by our local communities. 


Concert ticket information:  

Asian Cultural Center: 617-225-2888  |www.asiancc.net  

Oldat Lai  940-595-9077 or 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。






Great Boston Fudan Alumni Association

website: www.gbfaa.net


 日期: 2013-06-03星期

时间: 6:00pm   听众联谊

时间: 6:45pm  演讲开始

地点: 美国麻省剑桥市哈佛大学教育学院 Askwith Hall, 
(13 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA )
会议语言:中文 (LanguageChinese )
(Admission is FREE but registration is required. Spaces
and food are limited; please reserve your seat early by registering online. )
*Light refreshments will be provided in advance of the lectures. 


葛兆光 -演讲题目:什么才是中国的文化


年生于上海,1984年北京大学中文系古典文献专业研究生毕业。曾任北京清华大学历史系教授。并应邀任日本京都大学、香港城市大学、比利时鲁汶大学、台湾大学、日本关西大学等校客座教授。2009年获选为美国普林斯顿大学第一届 Princeton Global Scholar,并于2010-2013年任普林斯顿大学访问教授。


徐以骅 -演讲题目:信仰中国--宗教与中国对外关系




Ge Zhaoguang

Speech Topic: The real Chinese culture

Professor Ge is the founding director of the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Professor Ge is a specialist in medieval Chinese religion and history. He is a leading scholar of the intellectual and institutional history of Chan (i.e., Zen) Buddhism in China, but is well known to scholars of history, literature, and religion in general. He is prominent among sinologists in United States. A graduate of Peking University, Professor Ge taught at Tsinghua University for a number of years. He is known for many important publications, more than fifteen books in total. His studies of Chan Religion and Chinese Culture (1986) and Daoist Religion and Chinese Culture (1987) have been very influential in historicizing the important role of Chinese religion in medieval Chinese state and society. Intellectual History of Chan Buddhism (1995) is the definitive work on Chan thought in China from the sixth to ninth centuries. He has reached out to broader audiences in works like Ten Lectures on Ancient Chinese Society and Culture (2003). He is also the 2009-10 Princeton Global Scholar.

Xu Yihua 

Speech topic: Religion in China – Religion and Chinese foreign relations

Xu Yihua is Professor at the Center for American Studies and Department of International Politics at Fudan University in Shanghai. He received his master’s in history from Wuhan University and his doctorate in religion from Princeton University. Dr. Xu is author of numerous books and scholarly articles on history of Christianity in China, American religion as well as religion and international relations.Dr. Xu’s editorial works include: Religion and Contemporary International Relations, Religion and American Society, Christian Scholarship.

Organizer: China Overseas Exchange Association
Co-Organizer: Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association

Presented by Asian Cultural Center Boston
China Education Symposium Greater Boston Fudan University Alumni Association